Clarifying Faith in the Workplace

Planting Seeds Of Faith in the WorkplaceRecently, I have seen a resurgence in the topic of Faith in the Workplace. Just this week I participated in a training session with Sandi Krakowski, social media guru, and founder of A Real Change International, Inc. Over the past year or so, I have watched Sandi bring her faith to the forefront of her business.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently invited Sandi to become a columnist for the online edition of their publication and address the idea of faith in the workplace.

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Another business guru, Mia Davies, recently shared in a video broadcast how she “Gave her business away”. In the YouTube¬†video (no longer available), she describes how she changed the focus of her business to be more in line with what God wants for her.

Typically, when someone mentions the term faith in the workplace, it is generally understood that they mean “Faith in God”. (In full disclosure, I have complete faith in the existence of God. Though I do have a Judeo-Christian background, my understanding of God and spiritual concepts continues to grow with age.)

Could it be that by corralling “faith” into the “faith in God” understanding alone, we could be missing out on a much broader experience of this amazing power? Whoa, hold up. I’m not suggesting a diminished value of faith in God; by no means. In all fairness, the concept of faith does seem to originate in the Judeo-Christian religions. But is faith a purely religious concept?

Could faith in the workplace have additional value and meaning? I believe in the power of faith as taught in the Judeo-Christian teachings, Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things unseen.” Hebrews 11:1

Faith is the substance of your idea, invention, unrealized business, book, or whatever you want to create. It begins as faith. In faith, you act. You act with the conviction of one who knows the imagined will be made real.

This well known Biblical quote does not attach the definition of faith to faith in any particular thing or person, God or otherwise. So is faith a religious concept or a power that is available to everyone to be used in all areas of their life? Yes.

Faith in the workplace can include our faith in God, and includes much, much more:

  • Faith in the power of God to bless and multiply your business.
  • Faith in your ideas, that they will become a reality.
  • Faith in your employees, that they will live up to your expectations.
  • Even faith that our clients will continue to pay us on time so we can continue to build our business.

Remember, faith is based on things we can not see. The idea in your head for a new product or service requires faith to bring it to fruition. Creating a team that will take your business into the future requires faith. Where there was no team, faith built it and built it.

While I believe that faith has its origins in God, its power expands beyond the religious or spiritual avenues. It is a power that can be applied in all areas of our life. When we need the power to move toward the unseen, toward the intangible, faith provides this power.

So the next time someone starts to talk about faith in the workplace, ask yourself, “How am I already exhibiting faith in the workplace and how can I foster more faith?”

“Faith is the head chemist of the mind.” Napoleon Hill

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