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13 Mar

Clarifying Faith in the Workplace

Big Idea Development, Motivation by David Valentin
Image of seeds of faith in the workplace.

Recently, I have seen a resurgence in the topic of Faith in the Workplace. Just this week I participated in a training session with Sandi Krakowski, social media guru, and founder of A Real Change International, Inc. Over the past year or so, I have watched Sandi bring her faith to the forefront of her […]

12 Mar

4 Easy Steps to Writing Faster and In Less Time

Motivation, Publishing by David Valentin

At the beginning of the year, 2014, I joined the ranks of New Year’s Resolutioners and committed myself headlong into writing like I’ve never written before, consistently, persistently, and voluminously. I, like many other writers, have found that consistent, worthwhile production is the holy grail, hidden in some far away land where only a lucky […]

20 Jan

The Choice Is Yours

Motivation by David Valentin
Image of man leaping across a gap.

Are you ready get it? Ready to go get your dream? Ready to rip it down from the sky, to make it your own? Are you losing faith, losing ground? Are you at the end of your rope, out of hope? Are you trying to go it alone? Does anyone get your dream, your big […]

22 Nov

Four Steps to Conquering Can’t

Motivation by David Valentin
Image of man conquering can't.

We are like ants. Our strength is much greater than our size. Because of this, the possibilities for what we can create, or destroy, are endless. Despite their diminutive size, ants have held our curiosity for thousands of years. We have both battled them as pests and studied their industry. We are amazed at their […]

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